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telegraf-fritzbox - Simple Fritz!Box statistics for your Grafana


  • FritzBoxShell
  • telegraf on a system which is in the same network as your Fritz!Box
  • InfluxDB reachable by telegraf
  • Grafana connected to InfluxDB
  • fish shell


  • Download telegraf_fritzbox, put it somewhere on your system, change the variable fbshell and test if the script works by executing it
  • Verify that you've set proper permissions and user (e.g. -rwx------ 1 telegraf root 2125 Jun 3 22:59 /usr/local/bin/telegraf_fritzbox*)
  • Place fritzbox.conf into your telegraf config dir, e.g. /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/fritzbox.conf and adjust the path to telegraf_fritzbox
  • Test the configuration by executing something like telegraf -test --config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/fritzbox.conf
  • Restart telegraf
  • Import grafana_dashboard.json into your Grafana instance
  • Enjoy!

Example Screenshot

example grafana dashboard data fritzbox