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Archie - Hugo theme

Archie is a minimal and clean theme for hugo with a markdown-ish UI.

Forked from Ezhil Theme


Check the Demo hosted on GitHub Pages 😄 . You can find the source code to that in the site branch of this repository


  • Google Analytics Script
  • Callouts
  • Tags
  • Auto Dark Mode(based on system theme)
  • Dark/Light Mode toggle
  • tl:dr; frontamatter
  • Cache busting for CSS files


In your Hugo website directory, create a new folder named theme and clone the repo

$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone

Edit the config.toml file with theme="archie" For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Writing Posts

Create a new .md file in the content/posts folder

title: Title of the post
tldr: (optional)
draft: true/false (optional)
tags: [tag names] (optional)


Forked from Ezhil Theme and Licensed under MIT License Inspired by design of

Config Options

Custom CSS

Custom CSS files can be included though the customcss config parameter.

Note: CSS files should be placed under the assets directory e.g. assets/css/first.css.

	customcss = ["css/first.css", "css/second.css"]

Config of the Demo Site

baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Archie"
copyright = "© Athul"
# Code Highlight
pygmentsstyle = "monokai"
pygmentscodefences = true
pygmentscodefencesguesssyntax = true

paginate=3 # articles per page

	mode="auto" # color-mode → light,dark,toggle or auto
	useCDN=false # don't use CDNs for fonts and icons, instead serve them locally.
	subtitle = "Minimal and Clean [blog theme for Hugo]("

# Social Tags

name = "GitHub"
icon = "github"
url = ""

name = "Twitter"
icon = "twitter"
url = ""

name = "GitLab"
icon = "gitlab"
url = ""

# Main menu Items

name = "Home"
url = "/"
weight = 1

name = "All posts"
url = "/posts"
weight = 2

name = "About"
url = "/about"
weight = 3

name = "Tags"
url = "/tags"
weight = 4

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