some aliases i'm using for my fish shell
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Small collection of functions I'm using with the fish shell


You can install with fisherman:


Or with oh-my-fish:

omf install

aliases / functions description

df - df should always be human readable

Annoyed of typing df -h? Fixed!

ds - calculate size of current or a given dir and sort by size

From time to time I need to find folders which are taking much to many space. Here's the solution:

┌ rullmann@foobar /tmp/test
└ $ ds
1.0M	2
6.2M	1
617M	3

┌ rullmann@foobar ~
└ $ ds /var/log/
1.3M	/var/log/asl/Logs
2.0M	/var/log/powermanagement
2.2M	/var/log/module/
3.8M	/var/log/module/
6.5M	/var/log/module
19M	/var/log/DiagnosticMessages
95M	/var/log/asl
151M	/var/log/

psgrep - show matching processes for $argv

Typing ps aux | grep $arg has come to an end:

┌ rullmann@foobar ~
└ $ psgrep fish
rullmann         95421   0.1  0.0  2500916   4660 s010  S     2:26PM   0:03.41 fish

nsgrep - show open ports for $argv

Self explaining, isn't it?

randpw - generate a password

pwgen is fine, but what about string passwords in one command? Takes one argument for the length. If not provided the password is 32 characters long.