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General information

Thanks to hugo-cookbook and recipe-book. Both inspired this theme and showed that a recipe book is possible with hugo.

The pizza favicon and the boiled egg from the example recipe are provided by tabler-icons un der the MIT license.

Table of Contents


  • Code highlighting thanks to HighlightJS which is build in TerminalCSS on which this theme relies
  • Easy modification to light mode and other fonts after forking this theme
  • Tag support for your recipes
  • No tracking and analytics code
  • No dependency on third-party servers - CSS and JS are part of this repo

How to start

You can simply add this theme as submodule to your existing or new hugo site:

git submodule add themes/terminal-cookbook

How to configure

This theme is rather simple and requires only a minimal config file. You can copy this example config file and adjust to your hugo site:

baseURL = "https://your.subdomain"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "terminal-cookbook"
theme = "terminal-cookbook"

# optional, if you want to use plain html
# in your markdown recipe files
  defaultMarkdownHandler = 'goldmark'
      unsafe = true

How to write a recipe

  • Add your recipes inside a folder content/recipes inside your hugo site folder.

Example of markdown metadata:

title: "boiled eggs"
summary: "Fantastic boiled eggs - My great-grandpas recipe"
date: 2022-03-23T20:56:42+02:00
draft: false
time: "15m" # how much time it will take to cook this recipe
tags: ["vegetarian", "simple", "one-pot"]
# optional
featured_image: "/boiled-eggs.jpg"
## Ingredients

- eggs, as many as you'd like
- water

## Method

1. Put water in pot
2. Boil water
3. Put eggs inside the water
4. Wait 5-8 minutes

More things

You can add photos of your recipes within the static folder of your hugo site, e.g. a file boiled-eggs.jpg for your recipe above. If the featured_image variable is not available no image will be shown.

It's recommended to downscale the images you use here. A height of 1024px should be sufficient for most displays.


If you'd like to use tables inside your reciped (e.g. for your ingredients) just copy and paste this example and adjust to your liking:

              <!-- table header -->
              <td>eggs, raw</td>
              <th>1 litre</th>

Known issues

None right now. You can open an issue (or a pull request) if you find one.

How to edit the theme

You can fork this repo do whatever you want (see LICENSE for details).

Adjust the style

This theme is based on TerminalCSS. If you want to use a light theme you can edit the file layouts/partials/head.html and copy the root style from the TerminalCSS websites source code.


The theme is released under the MIT License. Check the theme license for additional licensing information.